Do you know that you need to keep solar panels clean for them to work properly?

As with any glass, the solar panel can easily become unproductive and dirty due to the prolonged exposure to outside elements. Simply put, the more your solar panels are dirty, the less energy you will have. In fact, you can expect a drop in the efficiency of the cell of up to 25%. And to make matters even worse, the panels can become corroded without the use of professional solar panel cleaning in Glenview and Winnetka.

Why Are Solar Panels Dirty?

The solar panels have an associated surface tension. This is what will cause water to eventually bead as droplets. Such droplets are not pure. They contain some impurities, like sulfates, calcium, and lime. Also, the panels are dielectric. This means the static charge is built on the surface.

Rain is going to lead to deposits of inorganic and organic soils. Dirt particles and dirt then become electrostatically attracted. The deposits are spread by moisture, which basically leads to more dirt being drawn in.

Simply put, if you do not use the services of professional solar panel cleaning Park Ridge professionals, dirt will keep accumulating and your problem will become worse and worse. The more you wait, the more damage and the higher your utility bills.

How Often Should You Clean Solar Panels?

Fortunately, it takes some time for dirty panels to completely lose their efficiency and increase utility costs. The dirty panels will have problems with outages and will not work well.

Usually, manufacturers recommend that you use professional solar panel cleaning in Evanston or Glenview once per year. Some will recommend cleaning every 2 years. In practice, the truth is that solar panel cleaning in Evanston is recommended by professionals at least once every 24 months.

But, in the event that the panels are placed right under trees, chlorophyll contamination becomes a problem to worry about. Combine this with the fact that leaves will drop on the solar panels and it is easy to understand why you need to clean the panels more regularly.

A professional can come to assess the conditions of your solar panels. Based on the placement of the panels and their current condition, an assessment of how often solar panel cleaning Glenview is needed will be performed.
How Long Does Cleaning Take?

Obviously, this does vary from one home to the next. Larger solar panels will take longer. However, most projects are finished in under 3 hours. When the specialist gives you a quote, you will also be told an estimate of how long the cleaning process will take.

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