Residential Window Cleaning

Prestige Window Washing has cleaned thousands of residential windows since it began back in 2006. We have refined our cleaning process over the years to provide outstanding results. We use only environmentally friendly cleaning products, our little part in keeping the earth beautiful. But the one thing that sets us apart from the competition is that we care for our customers home.

  • We always wear booties (shoe covers) while in your home.
  • We also have protective pads for the tops of our ladders to protect both the inside and outside of your home.
  • Our window cleaners always place a drop cloth beneath every window to make sure that we do not drip any water on your furnishings and/or flooring
Window Washing Prices for Residential Buildings:
Inside & Outside
Outside Only
1 thru 10 $120 $90
11 thru 15 $150 $110
16 thru 20 $160 $120
21 thru 30 $180 $130
31 thru 40 $200 $140
41 thru 50 $220 $150
51 thru 60 $240 $160
61 thru 70 $260 $180
71 thru 85 $300 $200
86 thru 100 $340 $220
101 thru 120 $400 $260
121 thru 140 $440 $280
141 thru 170 $480 $300
171 thru 200 $540 $340
Additional charges:
Storm Window $5.00
Screen (brush) $2.00
Screen (wash) $5.00
Skylight (if posible) $10.00/each side
Frames extra charge
Window Wells $15.00
Tracks $5.00/window
French Style Windows (out) $3.00
French Style Windows (in/out) $5.00
Scraping $5.00
Screen Repair $25.00-$35.00
Door Screen Repair $40.00-$50.00

Commercial Window Cleaning

Prestige Window Washing is on the cutting edge of the latest advancement in professional window cleaning - pure water technology. Our pure water fed pole system uses de-ionization filters that pump through patented water fed poles to create 100% pure H2o. The water is then delivered to the windows using a telescoping pole up to 3 stories high. This type of super pure water dries without any streaks or spots. The pure water molecules leave no need at all for any kinds of soaps or squeegees, leaving your windows "SPOTLESS", therefore much cleaner and for a longer period of time! When we use this technology on your building, your glass and frames are cleaned with 100% environmentally friendly water, which cause no harm to your plants, flowers, grass, pets or building surfaces.